The foundation of a better Internet

“Without you, the Internet would not be as good as it is today. Why? Because together we create resilient and robust digital infrastructures, and this is the foundation of a better Internet.”

Ivo A. Ivanov,
CEO DE-CIX International

“From the very beginning, TelemaxX has been connected to DE-CIX. In partnership with DE-CIX we significantly improve interconnection in the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe. No reliable and highspeed Internet without dark fiber and interconnection!”

Raphael Bächle,
CEO TelemaxX

“GasLINE retains the pioneering spirit of times past – we are massively deploying fiber-optic networks in rural areas to provide a basis for the modern Internet.”

Wolfram Rinner,
Managing Director GasLINE

“In the late nineties, we were building complete networks – the market was gigantic and there was a real pioneering spirit. New products were constantly coming onto the market, ever faster, ever better. They were really cool years!”

Frank Kammerer,
Business Area Manager Axians GmbH

“As a data center pioneer, ITENOS has been the home of the Internet from the beginning of its journey. Without DE-CIX, ITENOS would not be a provider of the most connected data centre campus in continental Europe, with more than 15,000 interconnections.”

Gabriel Willigens,
Business Unit Lead ITENOS GmbH

“The world is changing, and the needs of networks and enterprises are evolving. At EdgeConneX we are part of that change, keeping traffic local and enabling private peering. DE-CIX supports us in this, and stimulates business for both of us.”

Dick Theunissen,
Managing Director EMEA EdgeConneX

“1995 was an exciting time. As CEO of a consulting firm, I helped the German software industry to develop – and quickly realized that this was a new era.”

Harald A. Summa,

“The most important aspect in building the modern Internet is still speed, which starts with the backbone and goes all the way up to the access. Today we are at 400G interconnection, but we are already discussing 800G, terabits, and beyond.”

Wim Henderickx,
Director Consulting Engineering Nokia

“If you enter a data center, go past the security, into the data rooms, you feel the responsibility. You understand how important it is that we do a great job.”

Jens Prautzsch,
Managing Director Interxion

“Over the last 15 years Core-Backbone has helped shape the Internet enormously – building networks, offering customers a competitive advantage – and partnering with DE-CIX as a reseller has proved to be a great success story for both companies.”

Ulrich Köhler ,
CTO Core-Backbone

“Angola Cables is the first and so far only option connecting Africa to the Americas directly, via SACS. I am proud to be part of a team of people who boost Internet development and try to build a better and more connected world for everyone.”

António Nunes,
CEO Angola Cables

“In 1995, I was a student attending high school. I had a small room filled with computers – and I was already interconnecting them.”

Dr. Thomas King,